Blogger’s Media Pack Helper

Blogger's Media Pack Helper

Writing blogs should be easy!

Writing about royalty free music, stock music, or anything related to music licensing or finding music for videos?

Making a list of royalty free music subscriptions or making a playlist of best songs for YouTube vlogs?

Want to mention TunePocket?

We’ve put together some basic information about our royalty free music subscription, so you can simply copy and paste it to your blog post. Hope this helps!

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TunePocket Unlimited Music For Video Creators From $8.25/month


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TunePocket – Unlimited Royalty Free Music For Videos

<a href=”” title="TunePocket – Unlimited royalty free music for videos">TunePocket – Unlimited Royalty Free Music For Videos</a>

Short description:

TunePocket – unlimited royalty free music for video creators. Commercial use. New music added daily.

Long description:

Need music for your video or any other project?

TunePocket offers one of the most affordable music licensing solutions for video creators, videographers, filmmakers, marketers, and freelancers.

You can download unlimited royalty free music and sound effects with an annual subscription or just get a couple of soundtracks with pay-as-you-go membership.

You can use the music in almost any project, including promotional video, social media advertisement, film, documentary, vlog, podcast, audio book, monetized YouTube channel, as well as paid freelance work you do for your clients.

New music is added daily.

Why choose TunePocket:

There are plenty of great music libraries, subscription and not. Why choose TunePocket?

There are 3 good reasons to consider TunePocket, especially if you’re just starting out.

  • 1. Pick the membership plan that fits your needs

    Choose between unlimited download subscription or get just a couple of soundtracks for a single project. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel any time.

  • 2. Affordable for all creators

    Download unlimited royalty free music from $8.25/month or get 5 downloads with royalty free commercial license for just $39.

  • 3. Wide commercial license for professionals and freelancers

    One simple license to cover all use. Use (and re-use!) our music in almost any personal or commercial project.

Give it a try!

Need help?

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Get in touch and ask us how TunePocket is different from our competitors or anything else you’d like to know.

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New music added daily

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