How To Make Good Videos – 3 Tips For Beginners

How to make better videos

Make better videos with these 3 simple tips

In this post, Daniele Carlone, a professional videographer and YouTuber from Italy shares his three favority tips how to easily create good quality videos.

Daniele - Teku Films

Do you want to make better videos? Obviously! Hi, I’m Daniele, professional filmmaker and Youtuber from Teku Films and I have three tips for you to make perfect videos every time you pick up a camera.

Tip 1: Always use external microphone

Don’t use internal microphone that comes with your camera or phone. Unless you’re making your videos in dead silent environment, you’ll end up with tons of background noise (including your camera noise) and room ambiance in your video. Always use an external microphone.

Use the microphone as close as possible to the sound source to get crispy clear dialogue.

Tip 2: Make sure there is enough light

Have you ever heard the expression: Camera, lights, action? Well, the “lights” part is there for a reason. It’s difficult to make videos in the dark!

Always make sure there is enough light when filming, whether it’s natural or not.

Tip 3: Use good soundtrack

Why we use music in our videos?

Assuming you’re making videos that serve some sort of purpose (either promotional, educational, or simply entertaining), our goal is to get our viewers from point A to point B, by holding their attention and keeping them engaged. After all, we want our viewers to watch our videos from start to finish, right?

To put it all together you need the right soundtrack. I use TunePocket to download music and sound effects for my videos, especially when I need music for commercial projects.

Now you just have to make good videos!

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How to make better videos – 3 simple tips

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