Download Free Royalty Free Stock Music

Download Free Royalty Free Stock Music

Download 20 premium quality free royalty free stock music tracks when you sign up for TunePocket newsletter. See what’s included in the free pack.

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Need free music for your video?

Download “Hammer Beat” – upbeat funky royalty free music track with bright cheerful urban feel. Free download, no need to register or sign up for anything.

More free stock music for videos

Relaxing Acoustic Royalty Free Music – Free Download

Relaxing Lo-Fi Royalty Free Music – Free Download

Need help getting started with video editing?

Getting started with video editing is not an easy task. So much to learn!

You need to organize your workspace. Get the computer powerful enough for today’s software and the monitor large enough to edit video. You need to choose the video editing software, learn the basics, and slowly build up your skills. If you make your own videos, you will also need to learn about the cameras, lighting, and digital file formats. The list goes on.

At some point you will need music to add emotion to your videos.

Finding music that you can legally use in any video may be not as simple as it sounds. Despite the abundance of free (or seemingly free) music, as a rule of thumb, you can’t just grab any music track you like and put it into your videos. You will need to familiarize yourself with basics of music licensing and understand what licensing model is appropriate for you needs.

We’d like to simplify this for you with our free music starter pack.


The pack contains 20 free music tracks and sound effects. Use our royalty free music clips in any personal or commercial video, on YouTube, your Web site or any social media network. No credit required.

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Free royalty free music starter pack

Here are few examples of music and sound effects that you will find in our free stock music starter pack:

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What’s included in the free audio pack

1. Inspirational Corporate Piano (Free Music For Video)
2. Our Future Is Bright (Free Royalty Free Music)
3. My Awesome Summer (Copyright Free Music)
4. Simple Nature (Free Stock Music)
5. Good Old LoFi Days (Free Music For YouTube)
6. Piano Notes For Love (Free Romantic Music For Videos)
7. White Sand (Free Music For Travel Vlog)
8. Fashion Underscore (Free Background Music For Video)
9. Short Stomps Intro (Free Music Intro)
10. Dark Horror Night Intro (Free Music Opener)
11. Scary Moment Rise (Free Sound Effect)
12. Powerful Swoosh (Free Sound For Video Editing)
… and 8 more!

You will receive top quality MP3 (320 Kbps) files with no audio watermarks.

Unfortunately, this promotions has ended.
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Big thanks to MikS Music, Frequently Asked Music, and Toy Invention, our wonderful composers who provided content to this free music pack.

Feedback? Speak Your Mind!

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Terms of use

For every audio file in the free stock music starter pack, TunePocket grants you worldwide, non-transferable royalty-free license to use any of these files in unlimited number of videos or other media projects, including commercial.

Under the following conditions:

You do not share these files either modified or as is, unless incorporated into your video or media project.

You do not re-sell these files, register them with any music distribution or audio fingerprinting services, or claim the authorship.

Frequently asked questions

Below you can find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our free royalty free stock music pack:

Are these music tracks free to download and to use?

Yes, all music and sound effects in this free stock audio starter pack are 100% free to download and to use.

You are not required to create an account but we do ask you to join our mailing list, so we could keep you updated about our future freebies and exclusive promotions for newsletter subscribers.

If you do not want to receive the updates, you can unsubscribe at any point by clicking the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of any email you received from us.

What I can do with these free music tracks?

Here are some examples of how you can use our music:

  • Personal, hobby, wedding, family video
  • YouTube vlog, including monetized channels
  • Promotional, corporate, training video
  • Presentation, slideshow
  • Film, documentary, show, animation
  • Podcast, audio book
  • Game, software application

and here are some examples how you may not:

  • Upload to music download / file sharing Web sites
  • Distribute on streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, ect.)
  • Upload to royalty free music marketplaces
  • Use as a backing track for another music recording
  • Register with Content ID or any other digital fingerprinting technology
  • Use in any software offering stock music collection as part of its functionality

Can I use your music in YouTube videos?

Yes, absolutely! All files in this stock music starter pack have been cleared for use on YouTube and other social networks.

On a rare occasion, YouTube may mistakenly match some of our sounds to a similar sound in their database. In this case, you may receive a note from YouTube (also known as copyright claim) saying that your video contains copyrighted content. This is NOT a copyright strike – your video remains fully accessible and your account is NOT penalized!

Need help? Learn how to resolve YouTube copyright claims

Are these just “copyright free” music from the Web?

No, all music tracks included into this free sample pack are part of our core royalty free music library and were created by our affiliated composers (see above to get links to their full portfolios).

Do I need to credit TunePocket if I use your music?

You are NOT required to provide credit or attribution when you use our music. However, if you decide to credit TunePocket, please follow this instructions. Thanks!

I need more music for my videos, can I download more?

Get unlimited access to thousands more of quality instrumental music tracks, songs, loops, and sound effects with one of affordable TunePocket subscription plans.

All our music is available with lifetime royalty free license and can be used in commercial videos and paid freelance projects.

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