2018 Best Stock Music For Commercial Business Use

2018 Best Stock Music For Commercial Business Video

What music works best for your project?

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Every day, many video editors and marketers download our music to use in all sorts of promotional and commercial business videos. Over time, the download trends emerge and we can see which soundtracks tend to get downloaded the most. In this post I will share our 2018 top 10 most popular music tracks.

Even though your project’s requirements may be completely different, this can be a good starting point when searching for the soundtrack to use.

TIP Don’t focus on the most downloaded music only. We add more stock music every day, so there are always new great songs waiting to be discovered! See our newest music.

2018 Top 10 most downloaded stock music tracks

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Here is the list of all music from the video:

1. Inspired By Life

Inspirational background music with strong piano lead and uplifting motivational feel for corporate videos, presentations, events, and commercial business use.

This track is one of our Top 20 Most Popular Royalty Free Music songs.

2. Success Meets Inspiration

Positive upbeat instrumental music theme with motivational feel for promotional marketing video, corporate presentation, real estate video, event, and commercial business use.

This track is one of our Top 20 Most Popular Royalty Free Music songs.

3. On The Way To Eternity

Epic cinematic orchestra score with inspirational and heroic feel for storytelling promotional video, documentary, game, commercial business use.

This track is one of our Top 20 Most Popular Royalty Free Music downloads.

4. Upbeat Clapping Stomp Beat

Energetic claps and stomps beat royalty free music with upbeat motivational percussion feel for promotional video, sport vlog, presentation, advertisement, and commercial business use.

Download more stomp and clap royalty free music beats from this playlist: Stomp And Clap Percussion Beat

5. Plug It In

Upbeat and energetic instrumental music track in techno rock style with confident and assertive “high energy” feel for powerful promotional marketing videos.

6. Piano Emotions

Emotional piano and strings music with strong uplifting epic inspirational feel for promotional marketing videos, presentations, events, film, documentary, and commercial business use.

7. Love Is All Around

Calm instrumental soft pop / rock music cue with relaxing and sentimental feel for romantic holiday promotional video, wedding video, business presentation, slideshow, and commercial business use.

8. Country Road Trip

Happy royalty free country music with relaxed laid-back feel for positive and optimistic marketing promo videos.

9. Forward Thinking Corporation

Positive instrumental royalty free music with optimistic corporate feel in mellow pop-rock genre for promotional corporate or training video, presentation, real estate video, and commercial business use.

10. Rock Your Life

Energetic and upbeat instrumental guitar rock music influenced by the grunge and punk rock sound of Green Day, Nirvana, and similar bands for film, promotional marketing videos, and commercial business use.

This track is one of our Top 20 Most Popular Royalty Free Music songs.

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