What To Gift A Youtuber Or Videographer Who Already Has All The Gear?

Awesome Gift Idea For Video Creator

Do you have a friend or relative who’s into videography, wants to be a filmmaker, or just love making YouTube videos? Their birthday or a Holiday or Christmas is coming up and you still don’t have a gift?

If your friend has been making videos for some time, the chances are he’s already got all the basic gear. In this post, we’ll share an awesome gift idea that would be perfect for someone who already have all the basic video equipment.

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Am awesome gift idea for a videographer or YouTube vlogger who already has all the gear

In one of our earlier posts, we shared 5 great gift ideas for a budding video creator who’s just starting and needs the necessities.

But it can be challenging to find a perfect gift for someone who’s already got all the basic gear (and some more).

In the video below, Scott Dumas, a professional videographer offer an excellent gift idea that does not involve purchasing any video equipment, yet will be appreciated by any video creator.

What to gift someone who already has all the basic gear?

A gift that will keep on giving for a year!

As you know, music plays huge part in modern videos but there are strict copyright rules when it comes to using music on YouTube or elsewhere.

Licensing popular music from well known artists is a complicated and expensive process.

Fortunately, there is a simple and affordable solution.

Music libraries like TunePocket create music specifically for video creators and YouTube vloggers to use in their video without the need to negotiate the licenses directly with musicians.

You can give somebody up to one year of unlimited access to thousands of great music tracks and sounds that can be instantly and legally used in all sorts of videos, including YouTube, social media, and even freelance videography.

The library offers a wide rage of genres and adds new music every day.

This is definitely a gift that keeps on giving!

tunepocket music library

One of the advantages compared buying someone a piece of gear, is that there is no shipping involved, so you can give it virtually to anybody, even if they live far away or in another country.

1 year of unlimited access is $99, so it’s not the cheapest option, but it offers tremendous value considering how much content is available for that price!

On top of that, you can use the promo code 10PCTYOUTUBER to save 10%.

If $99 is more that you’re planning to spend, you can purchase a starter download pack for $39 or $49. Any download pack can be easily upgraded to the unlimited downloads plan later on at the reduced rate.

TunePocket music library membership offers tremendous value, considering how much content is available for the price!

How to purchase TunePocket membership as a gift?

If you want to retain the control of the account (for example, if you’re buying for a child), simply purchase one of the membership plans and share the login credentials.


1. Buy a gift card. You can choose between $39, $49, and $99 cards.

2. Send the code to your friend or relative. The person with the code can redeem it towards any membership plan.

Buy gift code

buy tunepocket gift card

Questions? Comments?

Are you a videographer or filmmaker? Would you like a music library membership as a gift?

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