TunePocket Quick Review By Jan Ziff At Sound Bytes / CBS News

CBS News Review

TunePocket got a surprise shout-out by Jan Ziff, a host of Sound Bytes, a national radio show distributed to the over 500 stations on the CBS News network. You can listen to the snippet of the show mentioning TunePocket below:

When you need music for your film or commercial, TunePocket should be way up there on your list of places to find it. Jan Ziff / Sound Bytes, CSB News

Stock music for your projects

Whether you are producing a film or a commercial or a radio drama or a video game, a documentary, or a YouTube video, you’re going to need music.

You’re going to start pulling you hair out in frustration of getting the clearances you’ll need to keep everything legal. Or you could go to TunePocket.com

TunePocket is you one-stop shop for stock music tracks for all your productions, unlimited music you can download and use how you like.

TunePocket features fresh new sounds created by a collective of independent music producers in a wide range of style and it bound to have the sounds that’ll work for you.

One annual subscription gets you full access to the library with new tracks added every week.

Head on over and see what they can do for you at www.tunepocket.com

With Sound Bytes, I’m Jan Ziff, the CBS News.

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