Best Music Library For Beginner Videographers & YouTubers (TunePocket Review By Jake Harwood)

jake harwood tunepocket review

Jake Harwood, a freelance video editor and YouTuber, thinks TunePocket is the best royalty free music library for beginner videographers and YouTubers.

Jake Harwood

Hi guys, I’m Jake Harwood, a videographer and video editor. I have been editing video for some years now and I’ve recently started with videography. The one thing I always struggled with was the music. Today I will be reviewing TunePocket music library to see if it would be good fit for beginner videographers and YouTubers.

I feel like music is one of the most important things when it comes to a video. Whenever I start new video, whether it’s a corporate video, a wedding video, or an upbeat bar video, I always try to find the best music for the job. And that’s how I came across TunePocket.

What is TunePocket?

TunePocket Unlimited Music For Videos And Commercial Use SM

TunePocket is a place where you can find royalty free music and sound effects.

The site has a large variety for any video editor doing YouTube vlogging, freelance video editing, or commercial videography.

Is it easy to find the music you need at TunePocket?

TunePocket easy to use filters search

For me, when it comes to finding music, I found TunePocket one of the easiest sites to use. It was quite easy to look around and to find the music that I needed for the video that I was doing.

For example, I was looking for relaxing music, or to be exact, for relaxing pop music. So I selected the “Music” category, selected the mood (“Relaxing”), scrolled down to the genre section and selected the “Pop” genre.

And that was it, TunePocket gave me a good selection of relaxing pop music and that worked for me.

Is TunePocket affordable for beginners?

TunePocket offers annual membership subscriptions for $99 per year, which is only a $8.25 a month.

I have to say, for a self-employed video editor and videographer that is a very very good price compared to most other popular sites.

For example, with Epidemic Sounds you’d be paying nearly $200 dollars per year just to use their music on YouTube (and considerably more if you need music for commercial or freelance work).

If you’re not looking to get the annual membership, TunePocket also offers ability to license individual song (in small packs of 5 or 10) for as little as five dollars. That’s really affordable, especially if you just starting.

See TunePocket pricing – save over 50% compared to most popular music licensing services.

Would you recommend TunePocket to freelance videographers?

tunepocket licensing certificate

The good thing about using TunePocket for freelance video editing, is that you not only get the quality songs, you also get the proper licensing certificate for every track you download.

You can use that certificates for your YouTube videos or send it off to your client.

That may sound quite tricky but it’s really not. It’s as easy as just going to the song that you’ve downloads and clicking on the document icon, downloading the license, and then sending that over to your client. That’s it!

As a videographer at the start of my career, I unfortunately had unpleasant experience with a few clients that got copyrighted by using the royalty free / copyright free music I that used in their videos. Then I started looking for a solution and this is essentially how I found out about TunePocket.

What’s your favorite TunePocket feature?

tunepocket free youtube tags generator

TunePocket has a nice music and FX collection but they also have another really cool feature.

If you’re a YouTuber or a video editor for a YouTuber or managing someone’s YouTube channel, TunePocket offers free YouTube tags generator.

It works like this: you enter the title of your upcoming YouTube video and it will come up with a YouTube tags that TunePocket thinks are best for your video.

I have to say, the tag generator is really good for someone starting on YouTube!

As someone who has tried to grow a YouTube channel, I think this is a really cool feature.


The things TunePocket offers compared to the prices you pay makes this one of the best libraries for a beginner videographer who may not otherwise be able to afford professional music and sounds for freelance work (or even his or her own channel).

All in all, I think every beginner video editor or YouTuber simply must go and check out TunePocket. I couldn’t recommend it more!

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