How To Choose Music For Real Estate Video

how to choose music for real estate videos

Videos help to sell more homes!

According to the National Association of Realtors, 73% of sellers would choose a real estate agent who could market their property with video. Combined with the incredible power of video marketing, the real estate videos became the norm that no real estate professional should ignore.

common types of real estate videos

1. Listing and virtual walk-through videos
2. Neighborhood and community overview videos
3. Agent profile videos
4. Testimonial videos
5. Real estate advice and market overview videos

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Choose the right music to amplify your message 💡

Choose music that goes along with the property, the target demographics, and the type of the video you’re creating. Think, how do you want the viewers to FEEL when they watch your video? Comforted? Excited? Alert? Below are some ideas to get you started.

Music with professional business feel

Calm, conservative background music with light motivational business feel helps to set professional tone without drawing too much attention to the soundtrack. Use in lower budget city properties video listings, agent profile videos, and market research videos.
Listen to more motivational business music

Comforting music for family buyers

Warm, comforting music with inviting, feel-good tone is great for family house type of video listings.
Listen to more warm, comforting music

Relaxing music for retirement properties

Use serene, soothing music to make emotional connection with the buyers looking for relaxing, stress-free retirement community.
Listen to more relaxing music

Classy music for upscale properties

Classical or elegant, high style soundtrack can help to gain trust and interest of high profile buyers looking for top notch offers.
Listen to more classical music

Modern upbeat music for hip city properties

City living is all about excitement! Get your prospective buyers attention with modern upbeat soundtrack.
Listen to more upbeat music

Exciting music for trendy and fun locations

Some places are just too much fun to use a conservative, mild soundtrack. Give your videos some character!
Listen to more exciting music

Need more music?

Get more ideas in our music for real estate videos playlist.

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