5 Good YouTube Video Ideas For Stuck At Home Creators

5 Good YouTube Video Ideas

Looking for a good idea for your next video?

Wondering what videos you should make during COVID-19 pandemic? In this post we will share 5 video ideas that should help you reach new audience in 2020.

Do I need to change my video strategy for 2020 and beyond?

2020 has proven to be a turbulent year so far. The biggest challenge that we all face is, of course, the corona virus pandemic.

Things may be different depending on where you are in the world but it’s safe to say that many people and businesses, including freelance videographers and video creators have been affected.

Cities (and even the whole countries) are on lock down. Borders are closed. Gatherings and public events prohibited. People are stuck at home. Businesses are forced to shut down or need to drastically alter their working routines.

If you’re a travel vlogger or wedding videographer, you may be facing challenging times.

With all the travel and gathering restrictions in effect around the world, these may be not the most practical video ideas at the moment.

Not all hope is lost, though!

You still can make plenty of videos aimed specifically at people working from home or stuck in quarantine or self-isolation.

Here are our top 5 video ideas for 2020. Use these ideas not only for YouTube videos but for Tik Tok, Facebook, and Instagram as well.

5 video ideas for stuck home creators

  • 1. News videos

    News Videos

    With the situation changing fast, many people will appreciate up-to-date updates. Some will turn to the traditional broadcast news sources like radio and TV, some will turn to their trusted bloggers and vloggers to get their take on what’s going on either locally or globally.

    If your interests and skills include independent journalism, this is a great opportunity to create news curation videos, commentary videos, and to interview key people (presumably remotely).

    Granted, this may not be the evergreen content every YouTuber wants to create but you can significantly expand your reach and audience by addressing today’s trending topics and answering the questions.

    If you monetize your YouTube channel, make sure you familiarize yourself with YouTube policy covering what COVID-19 videos are not eligible for monetization.

    When making news videos, keep in mind that breaking news music theme can help to grab your viewers attention. Not to mention that it will make your video really sound like news.

  • 2. Home workout / fitness videos

    Workout Fitness Videos

    Now when most gyms are closed due to covid-19 quarantine, fitness buffs will have no choice but to keep working out at home. So will the regular office goers who will eventually get concerned about their no-so-active lifestyle.

    This will create elevated demand for home workout and fitness videos. These video ideas include the cardio videos, weight lifting instructions, motivational videos, and even relaxation and yoga virtual classes.

    We would recommend aiming at two wide groups of people: the beginners who merely want to stay in shape while working from home and advanced enthusiasts who want to replace their gym routines.

    For the latter group, note that they may not need the detailed instructions and will appreciate the videos with energetic workout music to help them enhance their performance.

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  • 3. Financial advice videos

    Financial Tips Videos

    Some of us are lucky to continue working from home, some are not. Sadly, as the corona virus infection spreads, many people are struggling with paying the bills and the rent. Businesses are forced to lay off their employees, since they cannot pay the salary.

    This is the time when the proper financial advice can be extremely valuable. Here are just some video ideas:

    Tell people about government assistance programs available. Educate people about dangers of loan sharks and bad credit. Offer savings tips for common expenses. Discuss whether it’s OK to use line of credit as emergency fund. Discuss alternative earning options, like affiliate programs or online freelance work.

    If you are a financial planner, tax consultant, or accountant this is your opportunity to share your knowledge how people and businesses can optimize their finances and get through these challenging time with minimal loss.

    Optionally, consider adding a positive corporate background music soundtrack to give your video a polished professional feel.

  • 4. Educational and how-to videos

    Educational and How To Videos

    Many peoples daily routines are and will be drastically changing, starting from the absence of a daily commute to taking extra precautions when grocery shopping and socializing.

    You can share your own day to day routine and teach people how to cope with the new daily challenges. Here are some video ideas to get your started:

    Tips on sanitizing and cleaning groceries and other high use object, like your cell phone. The proper etiquette of physical distancing.

    Please don’t spread unproven health tips or home brewed remedies. Unless you’re a licensed medical professional be extremely careful about giving any health related advice. You may cause real harm to other people and this may land you in hot water legally.

    Do share guidelines and tips by your local medial authority. The awareness goes a long way during the pandemic and helps to stop the spread of the virus.

    If you want to stay away from health related videos, there are still plenty of subjects you can explore. Teach your viewers some new indoor family activities, games, how to socialize online, and other things to make staying home a bit more bearable.

    Good with kids? Make home schooling videos, this will be appreciated by the frazzled parents who need to work from home and watch the kids at the same time.

    If you’re a technology expert, teach people how to work and conduct business remotely.

    Optionally, use background music to help with concentration or to set tone in your video. Using a music soundtrack for instructional or educational videos can help to keep your audience focused, motivated, and entertained.

  • 5. Cooking videos

    Cooking Videos

    Despite gloomy economic prospects, cooking food still can be a happy, joyful experience.

    Considering that many restaurants and fast food options are not available, traditional cooking and recipe videos will be in demand. However, keep in mind most of your viewers can’t just run to the grocery story if they miss some ingredients.

    Here are just a few cooking video ideas: How to make a delicious mean on a budget, how to preserve perishable food, food storage tips, easy recipes, cook a great meal from what you have in a fridge challenge, how to move from eating out to cooking at home, and many more.

    To elevate the mood, consider adding some positive or happy background music. This will be most effective for visual cooking videos with no or little narration.

  • BONUS: Funny videos

    Funny Videos

    Humor helps us get through the toughest times. Making a good funny or a parody video can be a great subscription booster for your channel.

    Be mindful of music copyright when making parody videos, this may affect your monetization. Learn more how you can use copyrighted music in YouTube.

    If you need original fun music for videos check out this royalty free funny music playlist.

We hope this helps. Stay healthy and creative!

What videos do YOU think will be popular 2020?

Feel free to post your ideas in the comments.

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5 good YouTube video ideas 2020

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